I can show you samples of my writing in virtually any business category or medium. Just ask. I generally can't post items that I wrote for an internal audience, but I sometimes can email them to you for your personal review. And, of course, I can supply references from those clients.


Total Moho Nord - New Energy for Congo and Beyond

My second magazine for Total, the French energy company. The magazine is produced by PennWell Custom Publishing. It’s everything you’d want to know about Total’s giant new oil and gas project offshore the Republic of Congo: Moho Nord.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Department of Gynecologic Oncology & Reproductive Medicine hired me to write its first biennial report: A foundation of strength. A future of hope. The work they do is laudable in every sense. I hope my writing did it justice. CEO blogposts

Writing blogposts for Jay Steinfeld, CEO of, has been fun and educational. After I began writing for him, his blog was picked up by He has received many positive comments and has been very happy with my work, saying that I picked up his "voice" well. I also worked closely with Katie Laird at

Apache Corp. hydraulic-fracturing brochure

Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") is a hot topic nationwide. This brochure, which I wrote from an 80-page white paper, explains its risks and benefits in a way that lay audiences can understand. Apache has been delivering it quite successfully in digital form. My client said, "It 'landed' very well with the public." I recommended Ellen Custer for the graphic design, which she did on an extremely tight schedule--and very well.

Legacy Healthcare

This clip is from a video for Legacy Healthcare, which provides holistic healthcare to Houston's underserved populations. It premiered at Legacy's annual fundraising lunch this fall.

PennWell Cairn India supplement

Most of my research these days is via email or phone interview. But this large supplement to Oil & Gas Journal and Offshore Magazine took me to Delhi for more than a week, where I interviewed Indians, Aussies, Brits, Scots and Americans. My client, Roy Markum of PennWell, said, "You did a great job, even in a difficult situation, Denise."

Gates Ranch Website

Writing the Washington County section of the Gates Ranch website made me want to pack my bags and head off for a weekend in Texas' beautiful Hill Country.

Port of Houston Authority

The new trade-development video for the Port of Houston Authority is making everyone at the port smile. It's sleek, modern, exciting--and just 2:15 minutes long. What a delight to work with Chris Kuhlman of CK Productions, who hired me for the concept and scriptwriting. He did a fabulous job!

BP magazine article

Gary Hernandez at BP is one of my best and favorite clients. He has been hiring me to write intranet articles and copyedit strategic internal documents since we "met" via IABC's international directory in 2010. I can't post most of what I've written for him because it's for an internal audience. But this one is external.

PROS case-study brochure

I didn't know anything about pricing software until I wrote this series of case histories for PROS. Now I'm an expert! I worked with Karen Contos at PROS, who is a delight--and a very busy woman.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center "Moon Shot" case for support

Healthcare is among my favorite business categories. I love the idea that my writing can help people live healthier, longer lives. The case for support is the basis of development (fundraising) contacts with potential donors.

Geometrica e-newsletter/website articles

Geometrica has been my regular client for more than a year, thanks again to Linda Day. They build freeform and domed structures, worldwide, that meet specific architectural needs. Francisco Castaño, CEO, is one of the nicest clients I've ever known. The company communicates via wiki, which has been a wonderful learning experience for me.

Darley Consulting, Inc. brochure

Darley Consulting, Inc., trains offshore installation managers in major emergency management, leadership and related skills. Ron Hanagriff designed the brochure, and we pulled the whole thing together within just a few weeks, delivering in time for a major trade show. Client Tim Darley said, "Great brochure . . . wonderful copy."

Sadler Law Firm capabilities brochure

This is one of several brochures and websites that I have written for law firms. Sadler specializes in energy. This project came in via Craig Minor of Minor Design Group--a great guy and exceptional graphic designer.

Pennwell custom publication: Key Energy

This magazine insert is the first of several projects for Pennwell, publisher of Oil & Gas Journal and Oil & Gas Investor. Thanks to an introduction by freelance writer and longtime friend, Richard Cunningham, I work with Roy Markum, who has a well-deserved reputation for excellence and responsiveness to his client's needs. I also enjoyed working with executives at Key Energy, who were cooperative and informative.

MosquitoZone website

With this client, I learned that mosquitoes are not just a nuisance, but a serious danger in many parts of the world. I worked with Maura Sellers, owner of MosquitoZone, to revamp the company's website, which is targeted to companies with operations in tropical areas.

Citadel Computer Corp. customer-application article

A retired freelance writer, Linda Day, introduced me to Gregory Walker at Citadel Computer Corp. in New Jersey. Although we've never actually met, Greg and I worked well together on this customer-application article for his company's website. I'm looking forward to my next assignment.

Diamond Offshore Drilling article about global travel

Diamond Offshore Drilling has been a regular client for many years, and I have visited its rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Brazil. Since the Macondo spill, drilling contractors have moved out of the Gulf and into more international waters, which makes travel an increasingly important part of Diamond Offshore's business. My article describes the logistics, as well as the love stories, in this "new world."