“Denise is not just talented, but able to write in my voice, which is important, and finish my articles on a timely basis. I’ve also found Denise to be flexible when I’ve needed to make edits and then learn from those edits, helping make subsequent articles even better. I plan to continue using her until Inc.com fires me!"

Jay Steinfeld

“You are a rock star, Denise! Well done. Your work was spot on."

Liesl Owen

“It’s perfect, Denise. We love what you did."

Gerardo Mendez

"I recently had the pleasure to work with Denise on a custom publication for a major oilfield service company. Denise performed above expectations and the client was extremely impressed with both her organization and her writing skills. I plan on working with Denise on a regular basis with my custom publishing clients."

Roy Markum

“I think you’ve done an outstanding job."

Susan Kaplan-Williams

"Denise seems to thoroughly enjoy the process of interviewing people and learning about their story. Her enthusiasm comes through in her writing."

Jennifer MacLeod
Paris, France

"Denise is a true professional, from the first interview through revisions of materials and completion. She has strong talents in creativity and marketing materials. Excellent, excellent work."

Christopher L. Baca Sr.
University of Houston College of Technology

“Denise created an informative, well-paced marketing script from some very dry and difficult-to-understand technical information. It made the subject matter much easier for me to work with—and it certainly will help my clients introduce the benefits of their new process to their audience."

Lauren Kirkwood

“I needed someone with a broad knowledge of writing styles and business to create a direct-mail campaign. Denise did a fantastic job. After a short telephone conference about the concept and style I wanted, Denise hit the ground running. She did the research and kept my time investment to a minimum. The finished piece was right on target. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner."

Gregory J. Phelps

“When my client asked for a series of product-line brochures within a very tight time frame, I called Denise because I knew her breadth and depth of writing experience would allow her to move quickly on the project. As anticipated, she turned out crisp, professional writing within deadline. The client was pleased—which, of course, pleased me."

MaryJane Mudd
Full Tilt Communications

“Both my client and I found Denise easy to work with, responsive and, of course, professional."

Connie Senter
Gateway Design

“This looks great. I’m very happy with this. And our editor liked the other two pieces you wrote."

Sarah Denney
Cologne, Germany

“Excellent work, Denise. I really appreciate your effort to streamline communications between you, Fifth Ring and the client. I appreciate you being willing to meet our deadlines, and I would love to work with you again. Your initial quote was fair, the work was excellent, and I appreciate you cutting down the final price because it took less time than you expected."

Angelica Nelson
Fifth Ring